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Get paid to comment is becoming more common these days. People are getting paid to post on forums, groups, facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Companies will pay anyway you like: per comment, per day, per month, per minimum comments left, per forum.

Do you always have the last word? Are you the quintessential argument douser and feeder both, Do people ask you for your opinions more often than you can formulate them? If you answer yes to any of them then you are potentially a candidate for getting paid to comment.

The e-age has opened up avenues like blogging, online forums, social networking groups etc where people get paid to comment. All you need is time, clear thinking, a good way of expressing yourself fluidly and candidly. Blogging and commenting though different in nature of work are ultimately an expression of your opinions, beliefs and your magic with words. Just express these at the right place (website) and your way with words could earn you a fortune.

People looking to earn extra money can simple going online and commenting on blogs and websites. MySpace knockoffs and many serious blog creators will pay you to comment on their blogs. This income may be in the wrapped in the form of contest that if you win, you gain and gain substantially. A 500 $ jackpot for the most viewed/most liked commentator on a blog is a fortune changer.

Have you noticed that more and more blogs are being created each and every day. Blogs are concentrated around community involvement and user-generated content and commenting is a big part of any successful blog. Start your journey today and find bloggers who will pay you to post comments on their sites. Why would blog owners do that?? Simple, to increase the content on their website apart from creating high interest levels and increasing the curiosity levels of visitors.

Forums offer another great way to get paid to comment. Be a part of “Get Paid to Post Programs”. The commentator makes money each time he or she posts a response to a topic. Digital point is a great example of this concept. They also link your Google Ad Sense account to your account there apart from creating wonderful and intelligent forums that people enjoy being a part of. Just below each of your responses there will appear Google Ad Sense ads. Each time someone clicks on the ad under your comment you earn commission.

“Pay to Participate” websites are another great way to get paid to comment.

Referrals are substantial income generators. Join Yuwie such websites interest you. Yuwie is a great “Get Paid to Participate” website. Their referral programs are also one of the best on the internet. They pay you for any activity that you participate in – commenting included .You get paid for you watching movies, sending messages, uploading pictures, blogging etc. Another website similar to this is Mylot is also a good website in this segment though the referrals programs differ.
In order to participate with these websites you will have to sign up with them first. Choose your partner and get paid to comment.

Get Paid To Comment On Blogs, Forums etc

Open Worldwide
Freelancer is the most known freelance job website and one that has many paid commenting jobs listed on.

Open Worldwide
All writers are required to be at least 18 years of age, there are no exceptions to this rule.
All writers must have excellent English grammar

Open Worldwide
All writers must have excellent English grammar
All writers are required to pass an initial application process
All writers must be able to accept payments via PayPal
On average, posters receive $0.08 per post that they make at Postloop.
Once you have earned $5.00, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

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