White Hat SEO Techniques

white hat seo White hat SEO refers to the use of ethical optimization strategies, tactics and techniques that solely focuses on human audience and follows all search engine policies and rules. For instance, any website that’s optimized, but still focuses on the organic ranking and relevancy is considered to be optimized using various white hat SEO practices. Some examples include in-depth keyword analysis, backlinking, and writing high quality content for human readers White hat SEO is preferred by online businesses that are in for long innings and want to make suitable changes in their website and online marketing strategy to improve their online visibility. White hat SEO uses ethical SEO techniques that are approved by all search engines. These techniques are beneficial for both users and search engines. The ultimate goal of white hat SEO is to improve search engine ranking of a website using methods that won’t cause search engines to penalize the website. However, results from white hat SEO may take some time to show than with black hat SEO, but is definitely a long-term investment that will provide results for years.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Website Content

  • Researching all relevant niche keywords, both log and sort tail niche keywords, including keywords included in headings, page titles, alt tags, anchor text, and other page content.
  • Fine tuning the content and studying analytics reports to further optimize the content for targeted keywords and help direct traffic to the relevant pages.
  • Adding fresh content on regular basis.


  • Using correct HTML markup to ensure search engine bots can easily identify content headings correctly.
  • Making sure that coding is valid and won’t stop search engine bots from crawling every page.
  • Using CSS to effectively separate content from markup and thus improve keyword density in the content with less markup to crawl.


  • Creating high quality original content which others would want to link to.
  • Asking relevant websites, including top directories to link to the site.
  • Optimizing web pages for social media for attracting traffic.
  • Arranging link exchanges with relevant websites.

Examples of White Hat SEO Techniques

Quality Content

There’s no denying that for effective SEO, content is king, and search engines rewards websites (with higher ranking) that host fresh and original content. There’s nothing better you can do to boost your search engine rankings than offer high quality original content. Top search engines want to deliver relevant content to its users and ranks those site which host high quality well written and relevant content. Imagine you’re an end-user and searching for a good portable air conditioner unit for hire. You’ll visit your favorite search engine to search for “portable air AC hire”. In this scenario, let’s assume just two websites target this phrase. Website # 1 This website has just one single page with only two paragraphs of text that tells you about the company that does portable AC hire and provides you a number to call. Website # 2 This website has 30 plus pages and all of them focus on air conditioning unites that you can hire, their technical explanations and cost. So, which of these websites you think search engines will rank high and serve o its user first? Well, it’s rather simple and obvious example, but it simply illustrates the significance of good content. Therefore, your priority should always be high quality relevant content that provides value to your readers. white hat seo techniques

Use Semantic Mark Up And Separate Your Content From Presentation

By semantically structuring you can  mark up, you help search engines understand your webpage content, which is very helpful in ranking your website high. It’s important to use various  heading elements because these days search engines more weight to original and relevant content that’s within the heading elements. You should use CSS for separating the design elements from your website content because this makes a leaner code and also makes it easier for search engine bots to easily find whatever users are looking for.

Titles & Meta Data

Providing web pages with proper meta data and titles is very important. As we’ve discussed in the black hat search engine optimization techniques section, the meta keyword elements and meta description have been widely misused in the past few years  so now most search engines do not give much important to them, but it’s still  important to use each one of them correctly. Page titles still carry a lot of weight, so when you’re thinking of semantic mark up, it’s obvious why it’s important. The page title of any webpage is an open declaration on what its’ content might be, therefore, all your page titles should be accurate representation about the page content.

Effective Niche Keyword Research And Use

Try to build your website with relevant key phrases and keyword in mind. Research on key phrases and keywords that you think Internet users might use to find your website. Instead of using single words, try to use long-tail keywords that amply describe your service/product and you’ll soon be targeting your potential buyers that are more interested in everything you offer. Try to sprinkle keywords as well as key phrases throughout your website. Assign two to three keywords per page and use the in all important page elements. These are: Title Meta Description Meta Keywords Heading Elements <H1> <H2> <H3> Text Alt Tag Title Tag Links ethical seo

High Quality Inbound Web Links

Each inbound link to your site is like a vote for you but there can be inbound links from good websites and bad websites and they’re categorized a good as well as bad links. Therefore there can be votes that are regarded as good and bad votes by Google and other search engines. Bad inbound links are links from the sites that are not regarded high or are potentially banned and are also not  relevant to your website content. For example; Imagine there are two websites that sell computers Link A- Link from a website that reviews computers. = Good Link B- Link from John Smiths Beer & Ale appreciation link’s page. = Bad So, the inbound high quality backlinks play an important role in ranking your website on search engines. Higher the number of incoming backlinks, higher will ranking. Always think of quality when thinking of sourcing links and think of deep linking pages that are within your main website, not juts your home page. Use these white hat SEO techniques that we believe will have positive impact on your website’s search engine ranking without putting your website at risk.

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