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Most Popular Leisures in 2020

most popular leisures

The list of most popular leisures you can engage in during your leisure time is endless. However, we will focus on the most popular and beneficial ones here to enable you to choose the right recreation when next you want to have fun with your family and friends. Let’s see some of the most popular leisures and sports below:


Cycling is a safe way to spend your leisure time out in the woods. All you need is a good bicycle and the ability to pedal. Make sure you choose a trail with no security threats for your own safety. Cycling is a great way to exercise your muscles to meet up with your fitness goals.

Saltwater Fishing

Fishing is always a fun way to spend your free time. You don’t really require any special skills to fish. However, you need knowledge of how to cast your fishing line accurately. You also need a good boat and some crew members with some sailing and fishing experience.


Backpacking has become increasingly popular in recent times. Simply choose an adventurous location and go on a hiking expedition with your friends. Make sure you go with the essential supplies such as a camping tent, food and drinks, lighting source, first aid box, and appropriate clothing.


You don’t have to be a professional hunter before you can engage in a hunting expedition. You can partake in deer hunting if you have the experience or just go for a less skillful turkey and rabbit hunting with bows and arrows.

Running and jogging

Running and jogging have always been very effective ways of spending some quality leisure time outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Also, running and jogging are good physical exercises you can engage in to keep your body in the best shape and help you stay fit.


Gardening is a good way to keep yourself positively engaged during your leisure time. You can use your free time to weed your garden, water your plants, plant new vegetables or harvest mature ones. Gardening comes with a lot of health and nutrition benefits which makes it an ideal activity to engage in when you have some free time.

Reading a New Book

If you have been planning to read a new book for a while now, your leisure time offers you a great opportunity to do so. Apart from reading, you can also turn your reading time into writing time. If you have a passion for writing, you can use your leisure time to pick paper and pen and let the inspiration flow through your fingers.

Go See a New Movie

Seeing a movie always come with that memorable rush of adrenalin, especially when you have that special someone resting on your shoulders with popcorn in hand. You can find out which movie is being premiered at the nearest cinema and get a ticket for two.

Volunteer for a social cause

If you have sympathy for any civil society group in your community, you could volunteer to help them push their cause during your leisure time. You can engage in fundraising, sensitization campaigns, community sanitation, free medical outreach, etc. Anything that gives you the chance to spend quality time outdoors and connect with new people is of immense benefit to your life.


Climbing can be a whole lot of fun if you have the mind to engage in it. Even if you have a phobia for heights, this could be your chance to overcome that phobia. Simply find people who love climbing and let them inspire you. But before you climb, make sure you learn the survival tips and techniques. Also, make sure you have the right climbing shoes, braces, clothes, and other essential climbing materials.

Bird Watching

Now, this is one very popular fun activity you can always engage in during your leisure time. It is the most popular recreation for couples who love wildlife and the unique sites of nature. With over a thousand different species of birds to watch, you can be sure to enjoy this recreational and leisure activity any day.

With these most popular leisures, you can always find something suitable for your environment and specific situations.

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