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Learn Languages Online Easily in 2019, Don’t Hesitate!

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How many languages you can speak? English, French, Chinese,and what else? Yes, although you do not speak all the languages in your daily life, but it is good to learn languages from all over the world as you can improve your knowledge of the world’s heritage in language. And if you plan to go abroad, being able to speak the language of the country is very beneficial for you, too. The good thing is now, you do not need to spend much time or go to a language center as you can learn languages online!

Is it ok to learn foreign languages that way? The answer is: why not? Having a language course online can help you in many ways, like saving your money, energy and of course your time. Psst, there are still some other reasons for you to join the Rocket Languages course:

Covering 11 languages

Among many languages in the world, the Rocket Languages course covers 11 popular languages many people want to learn, such as Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic and even Sign language. No need to go different places to learn different languages.

Practical, flexible and comprehensive

In the last 8 years, the Rocket Languages course has helped more than 800.000 people to learn the languages with its practicality, flexibility and comprehensibility. There are many exercises you can do during the course for both listening and speaking skills. In addition, the materials and exercises are provided in English and the language you are learning, so you can learn faster.

Free trial!

This is the best part of the course, you will be given 6 days of free trial! Just choose one of the eleven languages you want to learn and access the materials and exercises there. Now when you know this is the greatest site to learn language, don’t hesitate and join the course!

Learning Spanish: Do the Tricks

If you think English is the most-spoken language in the world, you are right. That is the reason why if you want to travel to another country, at least you have to master the language. But wait! Besides English, Spanish is also widely spoken. Some countries in Europe and Latin America use Spanish as their official language which means you need to learn it, too. Now, the question is what is the best way to learn Spanish?

Learn languages online, that is one option you can take. Especially when you learn Spanish online, it is a must for you to find a reliable site so you can get the comprehensive, flexible and practical materials and exercises. And do not forget, you also need some tricks to make the learning faster:

Speak more

The key to be able to speak Spanish is by speaking with the language, with a native speaker if possible. A great Spanish learning site will provide you with listening and speaking practice: you hear what a native speaker is saying and then repeat it. In this way, you learn how to say things in Spanish correctly.

Learn the commonalities between English and Spanish

This is the trick for you who are an English speaker or have learnt the language for years. Spanish and English has some commonalities, meaning that some vocabularies are similar in many ways. An online Spanish course can give you materials and exercises in the two languages, thus it is easier for you to remember new words.

Keep learning

Learning has no end, people say; and this is true. The last key to learn Spanish successfully is by keeping your great effort. Maintain your great motivation at the beginning so although you have spent months or years of learning, you still have the passion to gain more knowledge about it. Learn more to earn more.

Why Do People Think Learning Chinese is Difficult?

What is the most popular Eastern languages besides Korean and Japanese? Right, it is Chinese. The language is widely used as Chinese people live in many places in the world so you can find them almost anywhere. In addition, you know that the People’s Republic of China is a country with strong economic condition; no wonder if many people learn Chinese for this reason.

If you plan to build a business relation with people who speak the language, it is important to take a good language course that enables you to learn Chinese online. You know, learn languages online gains its popularity nowadays as it is very flexible and practical; you can learn anytime and anywhere. It is also good for you to take the course considering that most people think the language is hard to learn. Why?

Using characters

Western languages use alphabetic system, but Chinese has a different style. Instead of letters of A, B, C, D,the language uses characters that for non-Chinese people, they look hard and complicated. Fortunately, when you convert them into pinyin, they are easier to read. Pinyin has 400 kinds of syllables which are simpler than the thousand different syllables of western languages.

Different tone, different meaning

This is the greatest challenge for people who want to learn the language. Chinese has four kinds of tone that differentiate the meaning of the syllable you produce. You need to be careful in using the tone so the person who talks with you will not get you wrong.

Confusing meaning

It is not the difficulty of learning Chinese actually, but the uniqueness of it. You call an electronic machine to stores data as a computer, but Chinese calls it as diàn-năo that means electricity brain. In other words, Chinese vocabularies are like puzzles to solve. Challenging, isn’t it?

3 Facts of Korean You Should Know by Now

If you ask your friends why they learn Korean, there will be many different answers that you probably agree with. The most common reason to learn the language is you have family in there and you want to visit them, so being able to speak Korean will be useful. Or maybe you are a K-Pop lover who like the songs very much thus you want to know the meaning behind the lyrics.

If you are really passionate about the language, you can take advantages from the Internet that enables you to learn languages online. Yes, you can learn Korean online, too. The language learning site provides you with materials and exercises to improve your skill, but it does not give you any interesting facts about the language, right? So, stay still and read this:

Spoken by many people

Although you know many singers and actors from Korea, you probably do not have any idea that Korean language is as popular as the dramas. Korean is the sixteenth most popular languages all over the world with more than 75 million of speakers. It means, if you can speak Korean, you will be able to communicate with such a great number of population!

Influenced by Chinese language

Of course Korean and Chinese are different language, but you need to know that Korean is greatly influenced by Chinese, in the form of Sino-Korean words. Around 60% of Korean vocabulary consists of Sino-Korean words, the 35% are native Korean words, while the remaining 5% are loan words from other languages.

Having 5 dialects

As one of the most popular Eastern languages, Korean has five major dialects though they are not used right att he same time. Mostly, Korean speaker uses only one out of five dialects. However, the standard language is based on the speech of Seoul in South Korea so you need to learn it, too.

Russian is Unique in These Ways

Many people say if you are an English-speaker, it is easier for you to learn other European languages. However,the fact is you may find difficulties when you learn Russian. Yes, even from the alphabet, Russian has given you an impression that the language is hard to learn. And if you go further, the grammatical rules are also different. Very challenging.

It is probably not easy, but you can still master the language in a fun way if you learn Russian online.Nowadays, the Internet helps you to learn languages online while gaining more knowledge about the language and its unique characteristics, in which Russian has them, too:

Cyrillic alphabet

When you learn English, you will be introduced to the letters of A, B, C, D, and so on. Yet, in Russian you will not be given such alphabets as it has its own, called Cyrillic. The shape of the letters are quite similar to the English alphabet but the sounds may be different. Some characters in Russian alphabet even have no sound!

No definite or indefinite articles

You know, English is very sensitive to articles when dealing with nouns so you have to know whether the noun you refer to is countable or uncountable. Russian is simpler in this matter as it does not have any article rules. See, the language can be easier as well.

No interrogative sentence pattern

Again, compared to English, Russian is simpler in the way that you do not need to change the pattern of your sentence if you want to make it into a question. If in English you have to put the verb or “to be” before the subject to form an interrogative sentence, in Russian you just need to change your intonation. Exciting, isn’t it?

Watch Out! Some Common Mistakes When Learning French

People say that French is the sexiest language, that many of the words are produced from your nose. The nasal sound of the words is the main characteristics of the language that makes French becomes one popular language to learn. Luckily,nowadays you do not need to go the country if you want to learn French as the Internet helps you to learn languages online.Here, you will find a totally new and exciting way to learn it.

When you decide to learn French online, you have to know that although it enables you to learn faster, there is still a wide possibility to make mistakes. If you are not ready for this, you can lose your motivation and give up. Thus,prepare yourself better by knowing some common mistakes when learning French below and try to avoid them:

Grammatical gender

Some European languages classify their nouns into particular genders like masculine and feminine; and French does the same. Compared to English, in this way French is more complicated as you have to pay attention to the subject of a sentence to determine the noun. For example, to say ‘my father is a musician’ you must consider that the subject is a male, thus you use the word musicien instead of musicienne that is for female.

Verb form

If you have learnt English for years, you probably think that the verb form is just easy that the word ‘go’ can stay ‘go’ if the subject is I, you, they, or we, and it turns to be ‘goes’ if the subject is he, she, or it. Interestingly,French has six forms of verb depending on the subject. Yes, six! It means that you have to memorize every form of verbs to speak the language correctly. No wonder that you make mistakes here.

Arabic is Not Hard If You Know the Hints

Learning new languages is always exciting because you gain more knowledge about something you have never known before. And choosing Arabic as a language to learn is very challenging considering that many people think it is hard. If you are able to speak the language, then you will be awesome. The question is, are sure that you can learn Arabic without any disturbing difficulties?

Actually, if you can find the right way to do it, everything will be fine, for example learn languages online.When you decide to learn Arabic online, you are able to learn in a more effective way with materials and exercises written in both English and the target language. But, if you still think like other people that Arabic is hard, change your mind. By knowing the hints, you can be the master of it:

Get a great Arabic sources

The Internet helps you to learn Arabic faster, only if you can find the right sources. That is why you must take a language course in a reliable site that provides you with practical and comprehensive materials and exercises, covering at least speaking and listening skills. Read as many testimonials as possible and ask your friends that have taken an Arabic course to get the right site to learn.

Learn the Arabic characters

When you have found the right site, you will soon begin the lesson. But wait! To make your learning process easier and faster, you need to prepare the basic: Arabic characters. You know, Arabic is different from most European languages that use alphabets; it has 27 characters with different sounds. Make sure you are familiar with them before getting into the materials.

Do not give up!

No matter how good the materials and exercises, there must be some difficulties you have to deal with. Do not give up! The more you try, the better the result. Keep learning to get bigger earning.

What’s Your Motivation to Learn Portuguese?

If you love soccer, you must know that Brazil is one of the best national team that have won many times in the world cup. Besides the wonderful performance in soccer, there is one more thing you need to know about the country: the language. Do you know the national language of Brazil? Yes, it is Portuguese that is the sixth most popular languages in the world. Considering the popularity, you do right if you learn Portuguese, via online.

Do I have to learn the language just because it is popular? No! There are lots of motivation to learn Portuguese online, like you do not want to waste your time so learn languages online is just perfect. But, although later you decide to learn from books, still the motivations are the booster for you to learn faster:

The official language of eight countries

If you like travelling, it is a must for you to learn the language that mostly spoken in the places you want to visit. Portuguese is one strategic language as it is spoken in eight countries: Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guine-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tome and Príncipe. Only by mastering Portuguese, you can make friends with people in more than 5 lands!

Working opportunities

It is a good news that Brazil’s economy is growing fast. By learning the language, you make your own opportunity to pursue your career there. As your motivation is more occupational, make sure you learn the formal and standard language instead of the casual one to support your business in the country.


Why pleasure? Because many people think that Portuguese is romantic, beautiful and expressive; it something you can enjoy from word to word. In addition, when you travel to Brazil, you will know that Brazilians are very friendly to tourists. By speaking their language, you will be surprised by their warm treatments to you. Wow!

Things that Make English Easy to Learn

People believe that English is a must-learn language because many people all over the world use it. No wonder that even though you are an English-speaker, at least you learn English at your school. And if you want to know more about it,you can learn English online. Is it good to learn languages online? Doesn’t it make English become difficult?

Not at all. Online learning provides you with practical and comprehensive tasks and exercises to train your language skill. But, the most important information you have to know is that English is easy. Very easy. Compared to other European languages like French or Spanish, English is easier in many ways thus it is not impossible for you to master it. So,what makes it so?

No exceptions in grammatical rules

Every language has its own grammatical rules, so does English. The good news is that English grammar is obvious,meaning that there is no exception that makes you confused. For example, when the subject is ‘I’, you do not need to add suffix‘-s’ or ‘es’; yet, for ‘she’ you need to do the opposite. That’s it. In French, the verb changes according to the subject so you have to memorize all the verb forms. Sometimes, this is tiring and confusing, isn’t it?

Native speakers is everywhere

As the third most-spoken language on earth, English is used by so many people. It also becomes the official language of a large number of countries. Therefore, if you need partners to train your speaking skill, it is easy to find native speakers. In addition, many books and online sources are written in English; you will not run out of materials to learn about it. So, there is no reason for you to say that English is hard to learn. Keep learning!

The Secrets to Learn Hindi Quickly

Are you a big fan of Bollywood movies? Yes, Indian movies are mostly awesome with the wonderful culture portrayed in the daily life and also the songs that go along with the story line. Talking about the songs, you must know that the lyrics use the language of Hindi. Although it is not as popular as English or Spanish, but if you want to learn Hindi, that is very good considering that the country is growing very fast and you can get some benefits by learning the language.

Though people may think that the language is difficult, you can set a strategy to make it better: learn Hindi online. It is a good idea to learn languages online as you will have unlimited learning sources here. Besides using this strategy, you can do some other things to make the learning process faster than you can imagine:

Do it with fun

You know, when you do something because it is a must, sometimes you will feel under-pressured; you have targets to achieve and you feel guilty if you fail. Hey, learning language is something exciting, so do not make it a burden.Furthermore, Hindi is a very interesting language, why don’t you enjoy the learning process?

Set a daily routine

Learning language with fun does not mean forgetting your discipline. To be able to speak Hindi fluently in a short time, you must regularly train your skill for example by setting a daily routine. Spend 15 to 30 minutes every day to practice the language with a native speaker or a friend who have been fluent in Hindi. Never miss your schedule.

Learn from phrases

Memorizing is always boring, so listing new words and remember them can be ineffective for you. Instead of doing that, you can try to learn from Hindi phrases. In this way, you do not only enrich your vocabulary but enhance your understanding to the language.

3 Benefits of Learning Italian

What do love the most from Italy? Is it the cuisine like pastas? The good-looking and romantic men? Or the wonderful scenery everywhere? Well, you are right, all the things are awesome. However, there is one more thing you should not forget about the country: the language. Every language is unique and beautiful so it is good for you to learn Italian when you are there. But even though you are not staying at the country, you can still learn Italian online.

You make the right decision to learn languages online as there will be no place and time boundaries. You can learn the language anywhere and anytime. In addition, there are some benefits you can get from learning the language. Of course,by mastering the language you are able to speak with local people. Besides that, you will be able to:

Get a good job

Italy is a nice place to pursue your career in business. But, do you know that businessmen there will appreciate you more if you can speak their language? If you are able to speak Italian, you can make a deal directly with them without any help from translators. Or, if you want to apply for a job in Italian company, being able to speak both English and Italian is a great advantage.

Gain more knowledge

When you learn a language, you will indirectly learn the culture. It means that by learning Italian, you will be able to understand the culture including the paintings, poems, proses, and so on. You will be a more broad-minded person by understanding the culture of other countries.

Make more friends

Especially if you live in the United States, you will meet with lots of people from different areas. Speaking in English is fine, yet if you talk to your friends using their language, for example Italian, you show your great appreciation to them. Isn’t it nice?

Learning German, Don’t Miss the Tricky Words

New vocabulary you get from the language you learn can make you laugh or even shocked. German is not an exception. The feeling that you have when finding tricky words is not a sign that you look down on other people’s language. If you see it in a positive way, it means that you really pay attention to the language; you learn German seriously. Even when you learn German online, you will find this kind of words, too.

Sure, you have almost unlimited learning sources if you learn languages online thus you get more input from there. Are you learning German right now? Do not forget to list and remember the tricky words in this language to avoid misunderstanding between you and the native speaker you talk with. Check some of the words below:


If you have learnt English, you know that the word ‘gift’ means something you receive or give when having a birthday. However, be careful with this word when you learn or speak in German as it has the opposite sense of meaning: poison.Yes, in German ‘gift’ means ‘poison’. So, never ever say to your German friend that you will give a gift in his or her birthday.Make sure to find the translation.


When you are in a trouble, you need some advice from your friends. But, do not use the word ‘advice’ if you need suggestion from your friend from German as he or she will think that you need ‘rat’. Those two words are completely different,right? Rats definitely give you more troubles in your problematic situation.


Early in the morning when the air is still fresh, you will see mist: the silver dawning of a new day. Yet, in German, ‘mist’ is not something nice and refreshing as it means ‘rubbish’. It is not something you can enjoy as you have to throw rubbish in the trash bin. Be careful in using the words.

Funny Translation of Japanese Expressions (Don’t Laugh!)

A good language learner does not only learn from words, but also from the expressions. For example when you learn Japanese, it is good to know the meaning of common expressions so you can use the language in a more natural way. How do you know what expressions are commonly used? It is easy, just learn Japanese online because the Internet will supply you with unlimited learning sources. And yes, learning languages online indeed gives you wonderful experience that you may not get when joining other language courses.

Talking about Japanese, there are several expressions that are used by the native speakers in daily conversation. Interestingly, you cannot translate them right away to your own language to understand the meaning; you have to think of the situation when Japanese people use the expression. If not, you will get funny and ridiculous meaning that makes you laugh out loud, just like these ones:

Nodo kara te ga deru

There is a moment when you really want something and you think you will die of you cannot have it. Japanese has a particular expression that you can use for this situation: nodo kara te ga deru. However, although it represents a great desire for something, the expression means ‘my hand is coming out of my throat’! Well, you do not want to imagine your hand comes out of your throat, do you? So, do not translate it.

Imo wo arau yo

Being trapped in a large crowd, can you imagine how it feels? With a very limited space to move around, you will feel very uncomfortable in this situation. The Japanese expression of imo wo arau yo represents your feeling of it.Surprisingly, those words have a different meaning when you translate it: like washing potatoes. Isn’t it funny?

Why Should I Join Sign Language Course?

Human beings are given the ability to learn any language, but sadly most people think that language is only something they can speak. You need to know that without even move your lips, you are able to communicate with others by using your hands and fingers movement and also your face expression; this is called sign language. Do not look down on it as once you learn sign language, you will know that this is the amazing soundless communication on earth.

And it is good that nowadays you can learn sign language online, meaning that you just need to sit in front of your laptop to gain more knowledge about it. Right, the Internet is a great help to learn languages online. But, do you think you really need to learn the language? Don’t doubt it as you have strong reasons for it, such as:

Understanding people with disabilities

Thank God you were born with a perfect body and senses, you can see, speak, touch, taste, and hear. But, there are people out there who are not as lucky as you because they have imperfect hearing. By learning sign language, you can communicate with those friends and understand them better in their way of life.

Having secret conversations

Everybody has a secret that cannot be shared to all people. When you want to share your secret with your boyfriend while your father is around, using sign language is very helpful. If both you and your lovely one learn the language,you two can understand each other feelings without saying anything. How romantic.

Reading people’s face

Sign language is not only about hand and finger movement, but also face expression. When you take the language course, you will be taught how to use the right face expression to say something and how to understand other people’s expression. Isn’t great to be able to read what is shown in the face?

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