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How To Get Paid To Translate Online

get paid to translate

It is not enough that you have accomplished translation job as per the client’s instructions. You must also ensure that you get paid to translate. Many freelancers have lost money after a hard work after the client did not respond to the repeated payment queries. Such cases are common in the freelance writing world. Hence, work online from home and get paid are the two important aspects of earning money while working as a translator. Here are some crucial points to consider to getting paid.

How to Ensure That You Get Paid to Translate

To avoid loosing money on the translation projects you have finished doing, you need to first know that this dreaded thing is experience of many freelancers. If you have already experienced loss of money, do not let it happen to you again when you are involved in larger projects especially. The first step to get paid to translate is take is to know more about the client. Make it certain that the client has a reputation. Take details about the client’s company, website and any link that gives concrete details along with telephone number and home address etc. This information will also serve as a pressure on the client since you know him to some extent.

There are some websites dedicated to providing information about the companies when you worry about get paid to translate online. You can check the client’s reputation on such sites free of cost or having their membership to know more about your client. For instance, is one site that provides such information about your clients without costs.

If you singed a contract, know that you get paid daily, fortnightly or monthly. Know how much should I be getting paid. Also, the contract will work on the foreign country of the client. Even if the client and you are of the same country, a contract does not necessary mean recovery of payment. Taking the case to the court implies legal fees and lots of time.

So, if you do not get paid to translate, do not be agitated. Instead, continue to send gentle queries and call the client without showing your anger and tell that you need the money as you are a freelancer. If, still, the pleading does not work, report the client to the online forums of translation payment reputation. This may not be enough to get paid to translate online, but at least you will be sounding a warning about the company.

You should also know how to get paid to translate. Many means such as wire transfer and and can be explored as is convenient to both you and the customer.

How to find translation work?

There are a few different ways you can find translation jobs online:

  • Through general freelancing job sites.
  • Through freelancing job sites specific to translation jobs.
  • Through translation agencies.
  • Through classified sites and online forums.
  • Through direct connection with clients needing translators.

Translation jobs sites
Open Worldwide
Sign up and get paid to translate. TRADUguide is a convenient platform for freelance translators, translation agencies and their clients.
Translation providers can easily send price quotes for translation job requests. TRADUguide is a platform where translators and their clients meet. The automatic job notification lets you receive translation or interpreting requests in your language pairs and specializations in your email inbox. You click a link in the notification email and are brought to a form page where you can enter your price quote. Should the potential client agree to your quote s/he will contact you directly. Everything else is up to you and your client. There is NO commission for TRADUguide.
Open Worldwide
Sign up and get paid to translate. As the translation industry’s leading workplace, is the leading source of translation jobs and translation work for freelancers. If you are a professional translator or you operate a translation agency, you may register and create a profile for free. Become a full member to maximize your opportunities to network with other freelancers and professionals and obtain translation work.
Open Worldwide
Sign up and get paid to translate. is a global translation job portal connecting clients with freelance translators and translation agencies. Translators are welcome to register in our growing database of translation service providers to work with clients anywhere in the world.
Open Worldwide
Portal for Language Professionals and their Clients.

Translation agencies
Open Worldwide
Language Translation, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of language services, with nearly a quarter of a century devoted to setting quality assurance standards and cutting-edge operating procedures to facilitate the steady growth of the language industry. Our 2,500+ clients are a testament to the first-rate services that we provide, as we help them communicate with their international customers and expand their international markets.
Open Worldwide
Telelanguage is a leading provider of over-the-phone interpreter services to customers who require fast connections, superior trained and certified interpreters and individually customized rate plans. We’re devoted to providing the best possible work environment to our team of highly-qualified professionals. Our commitment to quality, growth and ethics is evident in every Telelanguage employee and interpreter. We’re also committed to providing an environment where excellence is fostered and rewarded. As a result, there are many opportunities for advancement at Telelanguage Services. Our people come first and get the first opportunities to take on new responsibilities–that’s why 80% of our supervisors are promoted from within.
Open Worldwide
Throughout our 70 worldwide offices, you’ll find people of all nationalities from different cultures and backgrounds. They all have two things in common – a desire to make a difference and a passion to succeed. We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, age, gender, disability or veteran status.
Open Worldwide
Another great translation agency that can connect you with hundreds of companies and businesses who are willing to pay you for your translation skills.

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