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Several Helpful Tips To Write For Our Blog

Sharing is Caring is constantly looking for more amazing products, interesting tips & unique articles, videos, and original content to our readers and your support is a great addition to our readers.

If you decide you want to write an article that’s high in quality – or if you’re looking to write out an in-depth tutorial, case study or review – we’ll be delighted to publish your content. In fact, We’ll give you immediate access to our audience, and the post will be added to our autoresponder. This means every past, present and future subscriber will see what you wrote.

When we publish a blog post they are automatically shared around our social media sites so you get extra exposure.

The media kit will provide you with additional information about audiences and blog traffic. You can also check out the statistics page for live traffic statistics.

What Are The Posting Requirements

Sharing is Caring blog only consists of high-quality content, and we make sure that all guests posts meet those same values. Some of the qualities we look at when we review posts include:

  • Case study and/or tutorial-based
  • Trending new & posts
  • Helpful images & videos to direct readers
  • Provide real world example/data
  • Giveaway events
  • Readers can take away actionable advice and apply to their own websites

What Is The Format For Content

When you develop your posts, be sure to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Casual tone of voice, as if you and a friend are talking to each other
  • Have fun with your writing
  • Don’t exaggerate using business tones
  • No jargon (shorter, coherent sentences work just as well)
  • No more than three sentences for every paragraph
  • Minimum of 700-2000 words depending on niche

When it comes to formatting, use the following structure:

  • Open the article for example with a “What You Will Learn etc” paragraph and include three to five bullet points
  • Start the main body of your article
  • Close the article with a “Conclusion” section

All content you write must have clearly defined, actionable advice that comes with step-by-step instructions that can be backed up with examples and/or case study information.

Examples To View

Take a gander at the examples we have to get a better understanding of the writing we are after:

Do You Still Want To Publish Your Article On Our Blog

If you can meet all the above requirements and still would like to be published, get in touch with us today and send us what you have. Be sure to include the following pieces of information in your correspondence:

  • Who you are
  • Previous work examples
  • Potential ideas/titles
  • Written article (if already completed)

That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you!

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