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Get Paid To Watch TV And Videos With These Tips

In the stressful times that we live in, entertainment provides a way out, an escape route in our chaotic mundane lives. Can you imagine a life without your television or your cable connection? Of course not!! Be it a child or a working professional or a retired soldier, everyone wants their daily dose of entertainment.

Get Entertained and Get Paid

If and only if we could get paid to watch TV! Yes your heard it right. Get paid to be couch potatoes? To laze around, much finger chips and get paid on top of that? Oh! But it’s possible. In this day and age we can get paid to watch TV and videos

Every person in USA spends more than 3 hours daily to watch TV. Few have the secret of making moolah by watching television. If you are curious read on:

Create a Blog or a Forum

There are millions of TV channels worldwide, telecasting humongous amounts of television software. People want to see what is popular, they want to know the bestsellers and follow those. They will visit your blog that educates them about programs on air. Must watch, avoidable, reviews everything. Your articles will attract advertisements, possibilities of online merchandise and viewership. You earn commissions from online merchants. Use and (free sites) to create your blog, your money spinner.

Paid Reviews

You can easily review programs for web sites that cater to this niche segment. These sites will remunerate you. Get paid to watch TV, in other words. Post comments about the TV software at Helium or Associated Content. Depending on number of visitors, you will get paid.

How To Get Paid To Watch TV

  • Advertising companies want to make their ads viewer friendly. Give them feedback and reviews and earn money by watching TV.
  • Participate in TV based quiz programs’ viewer questions, TV based game shows where there are separate questions for viewers. Earn prizes and money by watching TV.
  • Provide feedback to TV actors, producers and channels on their programs them and can earn money by watching TV.
  • Watch TV channels like HSN and QVC that are shoppers’ paradise. These channels sell things at a lower cost than the market. Buy these products and sell them on other websites and earn money by watching TV.
  • TV channels need people for continuous data feeds about their programs and shows. You can provide this data and get paid to watch TV.

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