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Get Paid To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff For Cash!

get paid to sell

Not only can you make the purchase of your desired products online you can also get paid to sell products online. You can sell just about anything online, but you’ll find the best luck listing rare items that have a niche market. You can search for an idea of what items have sold profitably. The Internet has made it possible for any seller to get in touch with a buyer in the fastest time possible. Selling stuff online is one of the best ways to make money online. Did you know you can sell your stuff on Facebook too?

Go through your house, basement, and garage and make a list of items you could sell. Now check to see what comparable items sell for. This will help you to determine a starting price and expected market value for your item. Be sure to check for messages at least once a day. Sometimes, potential buyers may want to clarify something or have a question of the delivery of the tender. Keep in mind to help avoid negative feedback, be polite and respect for the buyer’s purchase by transporting items quickly after the buyer has paid in full.

There was a time when sales could be made only by face to face contact. Over time such sales practices evolved into teleshopping and other similar ways of making sales and purchase. But today with the advent of the World Wide Web, we have a new and emerging avenue of online shopping. Now that the internet has entered almost every household, making sale and purchase via internet has become one of the easiest and most affordable ways of doing the same.

The internet savvy generation today has started to find it as appealing as the concept of shopping itself. Using internet one can buy and sell almost everything under the roof. From food, clothing and gifts to services such as that of domestic help or calling a cab can be done without picking up the phone. Such is the aura of online shopping that none of the aspects of the corporate world is left untouched by it.

Merely searching the word online shopping on the internet will help you find numerous sites which can help you shop a myriad of product by just a click. The entire world seems to be at the disposal of a person enjoying the facility of internet. Right from websites like Amazon which offer a one stop shop for all shopping requirements to websites like craigslist which offer and easy and affordable way of obtaining the products or services that you desire, there are innumerable options which come in handy when you have less time or flexibility.

One can buy a variety of products like clothes, CDs, books etc not only from online shops but also from online auction sites. This way one can have even higher flexibility when it comes to making online purchases.

While some companies use online shopping portal as a supplement to their brick and mortar system, certain others have opted for a solely online existence. A well established example in this field is that of Amazon. For companies like Amazon there is no store where you can go and check out the products before you make a purchase, all that is there is an online portal to make purchase and have you products delivered at a desired address.

Other organizations such as Adidas or Reebok have websites which are used to promote and enhance sale at their traditional stores.

Apart from making online purchases one can also enter collaboration and get paid to sell products of certain companies. If one is not as keen on having a full time job, it may be desirable to enter such an agreement and make sales for a company while sitting at your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. By choosing and reputed company and a product that you believe in, you can make sales for the company via internet and get paid to sell the products of the same company.

Sites To Get Paid To Sell Stuff

Open Worldwide
You can list virtually anything and it’s easy for both the seller and buyer plus it’s a trustworthy platform. You don’t even have to pay any fees until your item sells.

Open Worldwide, an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide.

Open Worldwide
Craigslist is a supremely popular listings site. Sell your furnitures, children’s items, yard equipment, cars, exercise machines, and many more.

Open Worldwide
TripleClicks has made it quick, simple, and easy to sell your unwanted stuff for cash! Use TripleClicks as your online garage sale to turn the clutter in your closets, attic, and garage into cash! You can try TripleClicks absolutely FREE!

Open Worldwide
Ealtbay is an online auction website that has free listings, very low final value fees, lets you sell anything that is legal, and you can take payment in any form, including PayPal.

Open Worldwide
Selling with CafePress. Pick the money making option that’s best for you, never any upfront costs.
In just a few easy clicks, create a sale-ready collection of products on CafePress. There’s no shop involved, no shop management – instead we market your products and you earn the money!

Open US
Copious is online marketplaces for selling your clothes and accessories

Open Worldwide
Buy & sell just about anything. EBid is notably a Google Shopping Marketplace Partner, and offers payments via PayPal and

Open US
Sellers like Bonanza due to it’s very low fee structure, resulting in higher profits for them. Mostly caters towards fashion and accessories for the buyers.

Open Worldwide is a alternative to eBay where you can sell handmade items or crafts. Etsy has a unique culture and an exceptionally loyal following of buyers.

Open Worldwide
iOffer – Where you can buy and sell practically anything. The store and all listings are free, and they will only pay a fee when items are sold.

Open Canada
Kijiji is Canada’s most popular free, local classifieds site. Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing and jobs.

Ruby Lane
Open US
Caters to buyers and sellers of high-end antiques, collectibles, and vintage items.

Open Worldwide
TIAS is online marketplace that offer fixed price transactions in antiques, collectibles, arts and crafts, and jewelry. They have a minimum fee requirement, but if a seller’s TIAS commissions are higher than the minimum fee, then only the commission is paid.

Open US
ExchangeMyPhone offers good prices for a variety of popular phones, and they don’t even have to be in perfect condition. Tell them the make and condition of your device and receive an instant quote. If you accept the offer you can then choose how you want to get paid or which charity you want to support.

Car Daddy
Open US
Sell car online free, fast, and simple. is a free local used car classifieds site, or free local automotive site where private sellers and dealers sell their used vehicle free while getting the most money for their used car.

Buy Cheap Sell High

Selling stuff online is one of the best ways to make money from a small or home based business. Learning how to sell stuff online is also one of the best ways to make money. This is the traditional way of trading “buy cheap sell high”. The only thing you need to do is to look for cheap products and sell them elsewhere.

Sites To Buy Cheap Stuff

Open US
Register for free. Bids cost $0.60 each and come in packs of all sizes starting as little as $13.50!. All of the items auctioned on their site are brand new! Each time you bid on an item, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will increase by $0.01 for penny auctions. Note that once you place a bid, it is considered “used” and will not be returned to you.

Open US, Canada, Australia, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy
You can win all sorts of popular products at incredibly low prices. QuiBids was started in July 2009 as an attempt to improve the Internet auction model by making it more exciting, safer, and more reliable.

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