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Get Paid By Reposting Content

get paid by reposting content

There are many choices how you can get paid by reposting content. Many blogger and publisher lose money and free traffic every second without even knowing it. According to Repost, reposted content reaches up to 99% new audience with an almost 6% click-through rate back to your site (compared with less than 2% for social media links). In addition, these new visitors read up to three times more pages on your site than visitors from search and social media. You can add your own advertising codes for the reposted content and expand the reach of your ads across the web and creates an additional revenue stream.

There are new opportunities that you might be interested in. This is the most simple of all Post Types to complete. No writing on your part is needed. Reposting is a cost-effective way to add additional content to your site and to keep your readers engaged on your site for longer periods of time.The advertiser will provide the content with the links, you then will copy and paste the post onto your blog and get paid by reposting content. By reposting content, you can add greater depth and breadth to your website, providing your readers with a richer experience.

Most platforms are free to use and easy to set up and install. Repost seems to be the one when you want to share your own content on the web, but there are other sites that will pay you to upload their clients content for your blog / website. They usually let you name your own price and negotiate your own deals or then they ask you to bid on any of these opportunities. Some of those required you to manually upload the content on your site and few offer automated solution where you need to give them authority to publish articles and post on your site.

List Of Good Partners To Get Paid By Reposting Content

Open Worldwide
AtContent is a content distribution and  blogging platform. It allows relevant bloggers repost each other’s content, dramatically increasing their audiences and traffic to their blogs.

  • By reposting content, you increase page views, social sharing and the amount of time people spend on your blog.
  • When other bloggers repost your content, you dramatically increase the audience and drive traffic to your blog through the links in reposts.

Reposts look native on any blog and don’t affect SEO.

Open Worldwide
With Repost, you can instantly share your content with other publishers, bloggers, and websites. With millions of articles already available and thousands more added daily, discover new content to repost on your site. And it’s free. Publishers who wish to make their content available for reposting may include advertising in their content. All revenue from this advertising goes directly to the original publisher.

Article Marketing Automation
Open Worldwide
Article marketing is a method for distributing your content to relevant article directories and/or on theme websites. Our system is setup in such a way that dead sites don’t stay in our system for very long, not only that but within a very short period of time (3 weeks), there are now currently 2,000 sites that you can post to, a figure we are looking to expand very quickly to 10,000-15,000.

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