20 Tips For Getting New Links To Your Site

20 tips for getting new links to your site

It’s very important to get your website links all over the internet – the more other web sites links to your website, the more traffic you will get directly, and the higher the various search engines appreciate your site. When the links to your website can be found in other high-quality web sites, Google and other search engines find your site faster, and the number of quality links to your site has a direct impact on how high your site can get in the search results on the various keywords and key phrases. from other web-sites which are mainly free.

Here Are 20 Tips For Getting New Links To Your Site

You should really familiarize with these, if you want to get your site raised.

Obtain Links By Writing

Write useful articles

Useful and high-quality articles always attract links from other website, because publishers and bloggers always encourage for a high quality information.

Encourage your readers to notify your article

You should always add the request to inform every article on social network, if the reader has liked your article. Such a request should always be added, because it works.

Spread the word

When you constantly mention other publishers useful stuff on your site, they often cite you on their own articles. Helping others help therefore you, too.

Write a press release.

The press release is also a viable way to get links to your site in addition to direct traffic. Press release can be written on almost any subject, so use your imagination and publish it. The more special topic, the more likely someone will be interested.

Guest posting

Some publishers let you post article on their site if you write quality articles and give extra value on their site. You can even add your own site link to the article.

Remember Trackbacks

Trackbacks are WordPress feature, with a post about your site in the comment field is always visible indication of when someone has linked to this article. If these are not spam, then you should leave them as they benefit the linker and thereby attracting to inform your article

Obtaining Direct Links

Link exchange

You can approach other site owners and propose a link exchange so that they publish a website link to your blog, and you publish their link on your site. Choose your link partners carefully.

Request a review

The Internet there are sites that work on the principle that they will review a variety of products and web sites. If you want to review your site, then it will certainly succeed if you are willing to pay for it a little bit. With the review you will get of course, a link / links to your website.

Buy a link from someone

Some of the popular sites sell links. However, keep it in mind that Google does not accept paid links, so it is done entirely at your own risk.

Obtaining Links By Networking

Comment on other blogs

The easiest way to start your website advertising is commenting on popular blogs. Active readers will notice you and will end up easily on your website. It is always better if you are able to link your comment evenly across your site.

Comment particular on do-follow blogs

Do follow means that a page which is a do follow, your links appear in Google and other search engines, and thus also benefit from obtaining links. If you comment on a blog comment field is no follow, then the only benefit is that people may come directly inspired by your comment but the benefits in terms of search engine optimization there is not.

Submit your site to directories

Submitting your site on various directory sites are useful, because Google can then find your site more rapidly and you can even get direct traffic.

Participate in the forum discussions

You should only join forums that are related to your niche. This requires a bit of patience and genuine interest. Put a link to your signature, if it is allowed in this forum, otherwise this will not bring a lot extra benefit for you.

Write articles on databases

When you write an useful articles on database, you can always put a signature link to your website. The best option is likely EzineArticles.

Help others

If you are able to help in some way other publishers, they will definitely mentions you on his site. Always try to find ways to help other publishers – you will benefits of it sooner or later.

Join social media sites

Through social media, you will at least get few backlinks when you mention your website in author bio section. You will also collect plenty of new followers when you post in your social media accounts. Do not over promote your own stuff too hard, or you may start losing your followers.

Obtaining Links By Free Reports And Gifts

Free Reports

Everyone should write at least one free report. Free reports can generate tons of traffic. It helps establish credibility and expert status. You generate traffic from links in the report.

Organize a competition

The competition on your website is a great way to get people to link to your site. All free attracts. When you organize a competition remember to reward those who share it. A frequently used and effective way is to reward those individuals who are advertising on the most. In this way, you can get a lot of new visitors and links to your website.

Obtain Links By Sharing Your Pictures And Videos

Share pictures on social media

Use few quality pictures in your site and share / pin them on social media to attract more visitors and get backlinks on the same time. Easy and very effective method.

Upload your promo videos

You can make your own video or order someone to make you your own promo videos that you can then upload on multiple sites to lure even more visitors. Just remember to add links to your site in the video description area.

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